Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter from anonymous reader.
I am responding to comment on the sign being held by your Air Force Vet, You see I am a 61 year old Combat U.S. Army Vet, one of the last draftees, you see being 61 means I was born in 1949, and if the Vet in the picture is 61 and born in 1949, then he would have only been 12 years old when he began to serve, I am pretty sure you have to be 18 to join the Air Force, so I must assume this is a dated picture. Please up-date your picture for the sake of accuracy, Thank you.

Here is an updated picture of 3 homeless men in America. Recent statistics show 1 in 3 homeless men are Military Veterans. 1 IN 3. So when you drive downtown tonight and you see a group of 5 or 6 homeless people by the Platte River just remember 1 in 3.

1 in 3 Served for you,
1 in 3 had friends that died for you,
1 in 3 were never appreciated for their sacrifice,
1 in 3 never really came home...